Coding is Music, not Math

No musician likes playing scales.

Okay, maybe a little, but there's a reason you don't hear scales on the radio: Songs are way more fun.

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5 Fun After School Technology Projects

I love watching TV.

Man, that feels good to admit. Ever since I was a kid, the lamest stories could drain hours from a summer day. If I got tired of stories, I could always take a lunch break and then change it up by watching "infotainers" like Bill Nye (Today's infotainment is even awesomer and more addictive, thanks to VSauce, CrashCourse, and minutephysics). The only problem was that sinking feeling when I realized it was dark and I had missed another beautiful North Carolina afternoon.

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Welcome to Code City

I taught my first coding class 8 years ago. I had no experience teaching, but fortunately my students forgave me and found a way to learn web development while I learned to teach.

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